After drying out in the sun and sitting down for a moment to let the adrenaline wear off, four of us decide to do the final hike at Victoria Falls, the Boiling Pot trail.

A little over a mile down to the Zambezi river, we each take solace in the lush jungle and stirring creatures within as we make our way down.

Slow moving streams from the Falls mighty mist run underfoot as baboons carrying their young scamper past us. Sunlight shines through forest vines, illuminating the spirit within.

One by one, we find our own rock to sit on, gazing up to our left at the bridge we bungee jumped off earlier, with the mist coming in from the right like steam rolling off a sauna and into the air. It covers our skin, cooling us off.

A perfectly peaceful ending to our day.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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