It’s the time between late afternoon and early evening, the sun slowly starts it’s descent onto the other side of the world. All is quiet along the trail around the lake as I let my contentment guide the way. I see a bridge through the trees.When I get closer, a young boy runs up to me excitedly and asks me if I’ve ever seen an alligator lizard. He shows me what he has caught before letting the creature go back into the forest.

I’ve no idea who the kid is, but for a moment I know exactly who he is…..he is me.
Me and all of my friends. Back when the only thing that mattered was chasing alligator lizards, fighting the invisible forces of evil, letting our imaginations entertain us for hours in the fields around our neighborhood.
 I stand on the bridge and remember the good times of youth as a boat passes by, pulling a tube with a brother and sister on board. They laugh so loudly it makes me cry.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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