I did not want to leave the comfort I found at the Glenmoriston Hotel. Eating breakfast in the dining nook, watching the overcast clouds, I was at peace. After a full belly though, I ready myself for day six on the Great Glen Way as I prepare to walk to Drumnadrochit.

Lucky have I been with my first five days of walking, no rain and near perfect weather. Day six seems to have a more typical highlander feel to it. The wind has me picking up my speed to get the blood flowing towards my cold limbs as I climb out of Invermoriston. At the top of this hill, I find another split in the trail, with another high route option. I excitedly take it.

Clouds are swirling upwards, creating the appearance of misty mountain volcano tops, looking ready to explode all around me. I see some branches pulled together in a makeshift circle, mounted onto a rocky base. A clear sign of the immense beauty found here on this section of the Great Glen Way. I rest for a moment, marvelling once again how lucky and strange it is to be the only person out here.

The next several miles I find myself staying one step ahead of the rain as the high route journey continues. The quiet of the forest keeps me warm like my favorite blanket I have back home. Eventually I come off the mountain ridge as I see the occasional farm or country house.

Slowly I follow country roads and forest tracks until I am once again at the shores of Loch Ness. The sun comes out and I see the true beauty of the village of Drumnadrochit. The Great Glen Way trail emerges from the woods and I see a sign for the local pub, and decide to come back here for dinner and a couple of pints.

First though I need to find my accomodations for the next couple of nights. The walk through town was about a 1/2 mile or so before I come to the village square. Tour buses come and go as all manner of people are enjoying drinks on the green. A fine young lad is playing bagpipes, a wonderful introduction to this beautiful area.

My B&B is right in the square. I get settled in quickly, shower, then walk right back to the pub. This was my first time trying haggis, and I kick myself for not having it earlier. Simply amazing.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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