As I am enjoying a hearty Scottish breakfast of salmon and eggs, my hostess brings me a hand drawn map of Drumnadrochit.

“Since you are such a fast walker, you may want to explore some of our village’s local woods after your walk today”.

I was touched by such amazing hospitality, but it’s been like this over the last three weeks here in Scotland.

Today I have a taxi coming to pick me up and take me to Blackfold, where I will then walk back to Drumnadrochit. Most walkers on the Great Glen Way walk the the entire final twenty mile leg to Inverness in one day, but I wanted to savor every last glorious moment, and so I split up this leg over two days.

I feel strong, confident. Feelings that come from continuous solo travel in foreign lands and constant movement. Not to mention quality food, plenty of rest and fine beverages. I get going on this second to last day on the Great Glen Way.

I run into a Mother and Daughter that I hadn’t seen since the morning of day three when we all had breakfast together. They are doing their final stretch to Inverness. The journey has been tough for them, but rewarding too. I wish them a safe journey as we part ways.

Enamoured I am with the scenery on this section. I come to a high ridge with Loch Ness below me, glistening in the sun. Dropping down from the ridge into another enchanted forest, I weave to and fro, watching rays of sunlight dance in between the trees, chasing away the shadows.

It doesn’t take me too long before I am down the mountain and along the shores of Loch Ness itself. I find a boat dock and have a little picnic lunch as I watch boats go in and out of the small harbor. I realize that I have no idea what day of the week it is, and revel in this. I only wish I had such a carefree abandon of time on a daily basis.

Walking along the road back to the village, admiring the farmhouses and cottages along the way when a truly unexpected surprise happens. I finally come face to face with a Hairy Coo!

I was beginning to think that the only one I may see would be on a billboard, and so having one so up close was amazing! But that was only the beginning, as the fields were full of them as I kept walking. Thrilled beyond belief I was, with a smile on my face that could not be erased.

My walk was quick today, only five hours did it take to get back to the village. I pull out the hand drawn map and go to find the woods…..

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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