Between glacier carved mountains on either side, Waterton lake’s icy blue water beckons one to climb upon a boat and feel out its nooks and crannies.
So I did.

One learns much on a simple cruise such as this. You see that this is the only place where a border between countries is made through the forest up the mountainside.

You learn that due to a glacier’s constantly moving, freezing and receding, that all the mountains are literally stacked like pancakes, and with one wrong step, millions of years of shale will slide off and into the water below.

A place such as this makes you wonder about “intelligence” and how that is determined. Many may think that humans are at the top of the evolutionary chain.
Bears have such a highly developed sense of smell that they can know when a female bear is on their menses from miles away.

You find that at the other end of the lake is the least visited place to get your passport stamped, Goat Haunt border crossing. The agents are humorless, the scenery divine.

I find that spending time on the spiritual water of Waterton lake can positively change the way one thinks. I only wish I had enough time to have fully grasped the new thoughts.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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