Bohemia in Bisbee

I pull up the steep, one way street and park next to a purple vintage VW bug. The deep blue Bohemia house with a white wrap around deck is before me. I’m ready to get my hippie vibe going…..
Bisbee is a historical little town located in the Mule mountains of southern Arizona, a copper mining town that has a healthy mix of retirees and hippies that only want to live quiet lives creating art and sipping cocktails on their porch.
I find stairs in the back that lead up to a viewpoint of the entire town. I sip my whiskey and listen to the Allman Brothers play deep into the dark night.
I dance and sway with a freedom that only my solitude and the open road can understand. A tear escapes and runs down my cheek, whether from joy or sadness I can’t recall. Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror. I see someone much older than myself, yet wisdom seems to not be hidden in the lines on my face. A twinkle in one eye is offset with the dead stare in the other.
Perhaps such is the crux of life. Optimism is on your left, reality on your right. You are always in the crossroads, wondering which path is the way to go.

The suns sets in Bisbee.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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