DJ, Jenny & Hope in the AZ

My youngest brother made it down to Arizona last month with his new wife and their fourth expectant child, as well as his third daughter Hope. My other two nieces from his first marriage stayed home in Utah with their Mom.

I’ll take whatever family time I can get.

We made the most of our time, starting out by going to the Arizona RenFest on Saturday. I would say that my brother most enjoyed the jousting as he heckled, jested and cheered louder than everyone else there. We all enjoyed the various other live performances, with my favorite being the Knotty Nauticals and the “lighting of the nipple on fire!”.

Sunday rolls around and although we are still experiencing cooler than normal temperatures, it’s still warmer than snow covered Utah. I talk them into going for a scenic drive down to Tucson to check out Saguaro National Park.

Jenny remarks about how it feels being truly in the desert while my brother loves the landscapes. Due to have a little one with us, the hikes are short, but the views spectacular nonetheless.

Personally I learn more about the trails here which gets me excited to return, and I also finally score a National Park Passport and my 1st stamp.

We have about an hour before dark, and I talk everyone into going over to the Mission San Xavier del Bac. The greenery from the recent rains coupled with the natural beauty of this church and the surrounding lands is the perfect ending to our day.

Since I had to work during the week, I savored the early mornings with little Hope as she would snuggle with me as I drank my coffee, we would play games in the evenings, or go for short walks to enjoy the sunset or even a night watching burrowing owls come out to eat at a local park.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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