As I leave the grounds of the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow, I realize that my melancholic state of mind is coming from the sad truth of this being my last day in this truly fantastic country. Scotland’s beauty and hospitality has been top notch throughout my three and half week adventure, and I’ve fallen hard in love.

I don’t want to leave.

I walk on over to an area by a University, admiring the street art found on the sides of buildings as I make my way to Drygate for a pint or two.

Afterwards, I continue wandering the streets, wondering why the area isn’t as crowded as usual. I hear loud cheering coming from a pub, and make the connection that a football match must be going on.

The camaraderie emitting from the pub is infectious. I love how an entire country can come together over a game.

Rain starts to fall as I find an old park, exploring statues of original settlers and founders of this land. More cheering can be heard from a stadium in the distance.

I’m getting a little tipsy, so I find another little pub and get a final, proper Scottish meal of delicious haggis.

Oh how I love the United Kingdom. It truly is my new obsession, and the long distance walking trails throughout are just my cup of tea to explore more of this special land. Until I hopefully return in 2024, Haste Ye Back!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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