My mood in San Fran

As I readied myself for a weekend in San Francisco for the Cherry Blossom Festival, the nagging notion kept bothering me….Sea Bee wasn’t going with me.

My hopes for 2018 being the best year of travel ever had been broken like a raw egg tossed into the ocean, only to crash and break against the rocks along the shoreline.

Don’t get me wrong, travel was still good, it was just that I thought I would have a partner with me this year. San Fran marked the reality of the fact that I was back to solo wandering, and coming to grips with that left me in a state of flux.
So I wandered the streets. I found new places that stirred within me feelings of hope. I remembered why I travel the way that I do.

I found peace and harmony being back to traveling solo.
Let her find her own happiness, and I hope she does.

I’ve found mine.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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